Mr. Vijay Singh


Mr Vijay Singh


Dear Students,

We invite you all in our Girls PG College for this meeting with an expectation that your visit here will be glorious,meritorious and praiseworthy.

Brijraj Singh Girls P.G. school obliges the scholastic desires of young ladies selected here. However, it isn't just the scholastics we focus on, rather we put forth all attempts for all round agreeable improvement of the understudies.

Our guide motto is "Training doesn't mean instructing individuals to understand what they don't have a clue , it implies encouraging individuals to act as they don't act." We have youthful , vivacious, qualified and committed personnel. Brijraj Singh Girls P.G. School is run under the flag of Brijraj Singh Society for Higher Education which is led by Mr. Vijay Singh, a visionary whose head consistently abounds with brilliant and novel thoughts by building up foundations institutions exclusively for females.

- Mr. Vijay singh

Dr. Shyam Narayan Dubey


Female education in our nation isn't an endowment of present day progress yet it is sped up through endeavors made by people and the general public itself. Our nation has consistently been a tenacious hero for ladies' solidarity at all worldwide and public fronts. The approach creators have become cognizant that genuine improvement can't take roots on the off chance that it sidestep ladies, who address the exceptionally fundamental piece of the general public and social change.And we think god-like has given this possibility to ladies only.For this purpose,we have planned time requesting and contemporized courses for our young ladies understudies.

Our administration is adequately benevolent to furnish you an eco-accommodating climate with lavish green and extensive grounds, building and inn facilities,well prepared labs,smart and digitized homerooms to offer quality education to all, which is the need of great importance. You should exploit every one of these offices and gain from the chances that would be offered by the foundation from time to time so your visit in the school will be significant and your commitment will be recollected.

We have a certified and committed workforce and exceptional research centers, libraries and different offices to hone your insight and make high esteemed principles during the stay time frame. I'm sufficiently lucky to have an eager and devoted group which is resolved to give quality and productive training to you.

"Wishing you all a bright future, success and prosperity in life."

- Dr. Shyam Narayan Dubey